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Neighborhood Life

Mainstay Housing helps to build healthy communities so that each house and apartment building becomes a neighborhood. Ultimately it is the person living with mental illness who has to make the leap to join the world around him or her in a manner that suits them. Mainstay provides a structure in which to do that if the person so chooses. Generally, our buildings provide common space and yards for tenants to meet, get to know one another and become involved in their neighborhood.

Mainstay tenants Mainstay tenants
Mainstay tenants Mainstay tenants

Many of the Mainstay buildings have community meetings and opportunities for tenants to involve themselves in neighborhood life. The meetings allow tenants to air their differences and find ways of resolving difficulties. In some buildings this is highly successful, in others it is an opportunity waiting to happen.

Many tenants get involved in the organization by offering to sit on the Board of Directors, or by volunteering on committees or organized groups. One building has a Breakfast Club to help make sure that the children get a healthy meal before school. Another has the Good Food Box which provides affordable, good quality fruit and veggie boxes to tenants. The community idea is most successful when tenants themselves initiate neighborliness - helping each other out, having cups of tea together or working on a community garden.

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