Opportunty Live Here: Mainstay Housing

Head Office
550 Queen Street East
Suite 150
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5A 1V2

Tel: 416.703.9266
Fax: 416.703.9265
TTY: 416.703.9267


Charity Number:
119258440 RR0001

Unit Types

Inside a Mainstay apartment Inside a Mainstay apartment
Inside a Mainstay apartment Inside a Mainstay apartment

Mainstay Housing has 41 properties located across Toronto containing 867 living units. There is a broad spectrum of housing types designed to meet a variety of different needs.

Accommodation at twenty of the properties consists of shared facilities. There are bedrooms in shared houses and apartments, and rooms in boarding homes or group homes. Shared houses and apartments typically include a common kitchen, bathroom(s), laundry facilities, and living and dining rooms. Tenants sharing the house or apartment are responsible for the cleaning of the common areas. Approximately 10 percent of the bedrooms are double rooms accommodating two tenants in 1 bedroom. Most properties have a backyard that can be used by tenants.

Mainstay also has twenty apartment buildings. The majority of buildings are 4 stories or less and do not have elevators. Each building has a laundry room and a common room available for tenant use. Most (85%) of the units are bachelor or 1 bedroom apartments. A typical bachelor apartment is approximately 300 square feet consisting of a bathroom and one room containing a galley kitchen, dining and sleeping area. One bedroom apartments have a bathroom, galley kitchen, separate living room and bedroom. One bedroom apartments are typically two hundred square feet larger than bachelors units.

Mainstay has a limited number (89) of apartments for families. Sixty-seven of these units are two bedrooms. The balance (22) are 3 or 4 bedrooms. Units larger than 1 bedroom have a kitchen, separate dining and living area and 1 or 2 bathrooms depending on unit size.

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